Your Bike Shed: Q&A

For those of you cycling in York there’s a gorgeous cycling cafe under the arches of beautiful Micklegate, and it’s called Your Bike Shed.  My favourite place to stop when I’m in York I get the chance to catch up with founders, Adele and Martin.

So why, Your Bike Shed?

We came across the idea whilst traveling Asia of all places. We never realised it at the time until we came back to the UK. I (Martin) was doing a Bike Mechanic course and Adele was going to help me write my website. We started to discuss it and Adele asked me what the synergy between cycling & coffee was?! Hence the concept…….a year later and Your Bike Shed was born!

Is the workshop largely for essentials like tubes, etc, or is the product range wider? 

It is really. We focus on maintenance of the bike, so we stock mainly things relating to looking after your bike and the more common parts.

What does Your Bike Shed pride itself in?

Customer Service! We want our customers to feel at home when they come to Your Bike Shed. Hence the name……it is ‘YOUR’ Bike Shed. We get a great sense of pride that people want to come into something we created and enjoy it.

Adele & Martin at Your Bike Shed

What kind of look and atmosphere were you going for when you created Your Bike Shed? 

A warm, friendly and relaxed environment. We wanted the cafe to be natural and warm and make people feel at home. We wanted to create something people could enjoy. Many people said it was not possible for us to create an environment to encourage such a cross section of people, but we seem to have achieved it. We get such a cross section of people of all ages. We get cyclists, mums & babies, older people, it’s wonderful.

What has been the local reaction to the cafe? 

Fantastic. The locals have really supported us and that really is very nice. It’s nice to know the local people appreciate what we have brought to the area and seeing them come in and enjoy it wonderful. We are on first name terms with so many people after only just a year and have made many friends.

What’s coming up next for Your Bike Shed? 

It’s been tough getting the business of the ground in today’s climate and introducing a new concept is a risk and not easy to do, but the business has exceeded our expectations and has certainly brought us some challenges!  We want to take this year and stabilise the business before Adele & I decide which way we want to move forward. We have some ideas, but that would be telling! We have plans later this year to make some small amendments to the basement offering……watch this space as they say……….

What’s the most popular food on the menu?

Breakfast, without a doubt. Our breakfast menu is very very popular. We pride ourselves on the quality of the produce we use and all our meat comes from a local butcher. 

Why do think cycling and coffee go so well together?

There is a history with it to some degree, but it is also the social aspect too it. Plus a double espresso is needed before, or after a ride to keep you going!

What do you guys ride when you’re not in the café?

Adele rides my mum’s old bike, which I lovingly restored for her. As for me, well it depends which one of my collection I choose to ride! I ride an old 1950s Raleigh Hercules to commute on, with a few modern additions on it! When I am competing or training I ride my Cube road & TT bikes.