Powerful Impacts of Cycle Alert Solutions on Fleet Safety

Fleet safety management solutions, from cameras to sensors are often bought to the attention of operators, in part, because of compliance requisites being placed upon them.  However, there are huge benefits - including improved safety and cost savings arising from their (the operator’s) outlay - which are vastly more satisfying than an “I am a compliant vehicle” sticker.

Let’s have a look at four powerful impacts fleet management solutions like our 3G cameras and RFID technology can have on fleet safety.


1 - Improve driving style by tracking driver behaviour

You can gain useful information on how your drivers behave on the road by means of your telematics solution. You can quickly ascertain who are your best drivers and trigger alerts if there are any dangerous driving events or if they are given to idling. By obtaining this kind of data you can use it for corrective actions so as to boost safety and dramatically decrease the possibility of an accident.  Prevention is always better than the cure.


2 - Get accurate data in cases of litigation

Nobody wants to get into disputes, but in the event of an accident it might be necessary to defend your drivers— our cameras can provide the perfect basis for your company or your driver’s defence. In the event of a collision or a triggered event, the data recorded by the system regarding speeding and location can successfully demonstrate that your drivers are not liable.  The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality, and is remotely downloaded to the user interface within minutes, allowing our clients to download and review the video footage and telemetry data as required.


3 - Help save money on insurance costs

Improving driver behaviour, preventing incidents and risks (as covered in points 1 and 2) actually impacts on your insurance costs: better driving and accurate data available to defend your team results in savings on insurance premiums.


4 - Boost your internal safety policies and risk assessment

The data you get on fleet safety, performance and driver behaviour can improve your policies by helping you choose what is going to be included, or what your company should focus on, in terms of risk assessment.