Our Story

We are cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, road users. In short, we are just regular people wanting to travel safely.

Our mission is to make road use safer for all and most importantly educate the driving, cycling, walking public towards a goal of Mutual Respect between all road users.

Raising the actual and moreover the perceived level of safety for cyclists is our starting point.

The idea behind Cycle Alert

Cycle Alert’s inception occurred after Founder, Robert Cooper heard a radio interview with a HGV driver, following a collision with a cyclist that resulted in his death. He spoke to Co-Founder, Peter Le Masurier and it struck us that not one but two families are left broken in the aftermath of a cycling tragedy: that of the cyclist and the driver whose trauma at hitting a cyclist is devastating and irreparable. We thought there must surely be technology issued on large vehicles to be able to detect cyclists. Further investigation only served to highlight the disproportionate correlation between heavy goods vehicles on the roads and the number of accidents they were involved in. 

We set about researching for an answer, but it didn’t exist: our findings showed that there was nothing on the market that was designed and built to detect cyclists and certainly nothing cyclist–specific. Compelled to combat the issue of road safety and inspired to develop a technology that could assist in reducing the morbid statistics, they began laying the foundations of what would become Cycle Alert. We felt that our knowledge of technology as well as an understanding of the challenges HGV drivers face when sharing the road with cyclists gave us the perfect credentials to create a cycle detection system.  With Cycle Alert we aim to make cyclists more visible on the roads and help to reduce serious injury and fatalities.

Where it all began

Cycle Alert started in a garage car park off the Old Kent Road for trials around the infamous Elephant and Castle Roundabout.  The first cycle sensor was a large blue box strapped to the front of a selection of bikes with cable ties. The vehicle sensors were a similar box (but black) magnetised and gaffer taped to the vehicle. The Cab unit was a huge screen with a large dongle-like receiver sticking out of the top. This was all to prove it worked.  He cycled around the Elephant and Castle, along with technology expert Steve Braithwaite for what seemed like all day and almost got knocked off by a bus. Together, they proved the concept worked! They then started making the product look pretty and the electronics smaller and cleverer and that is what you see today.
Armed with a product that has the ability to drastically reduce the number of cycle and lorry related fatalities and serious injuries on the road, Peter Le Masurier’s vision for Cycle Alert is to combat the risks of using UK roads and to educate all road users on how to practice safe transit.

Cycle Alert now

The motivation for Cycle Alert has been propelled over the course of the year, as Peter has become engaged with more and more people who champion the need for additional safety resources and better education. Coming into contact with those directly affected by cycle tragedies, with those who have not allowed their loved ones to die in vain and have used such tragedies to push existing campaigns forward and create new ones have further given Cycle Alert the impetus to succeed.  At this point, Peter would like to make special mention to Cynthia Barlow from Roadpeace, whose personal story, whose determined courage and SeeMeSaveMe campaign has been a source of inspiration for both him and his staff.

Cycling Injuries and Fatalities are Not Inevitable and Are Preventable

Peter Le Masurier

Cycle Alert Co-Founder

Prior to Cycle Alert, Peter Le Masurier worked on a number entrepreneurial ventures ranging from spearheading an online travel company to overseeing businesses in children’s entertainment, property and environmental initiatives.

Steve Braithwaite

Product Design and Development

ASH’s MD, Steve Braithwaite, has been involved over the years in satellite communications, start-ups in rural communications, and university research and teaching. He still teaches some courses at the world-leading Electronics group at the University of Southampton. Steve is a keen cyclist and singer, as well as being part of a recent winning team on BBC’s Eggheads quiz programming. Steve is the tall one, just in case anyone was confused. He is also a keen cyclist!

Danni Lapham

Marketing and Media

Danni began at Cycle Alert working as a freelance writer and charity worker, new to cycling and fearful, though she had previously ridden a moped for 2 years! Whilst working for Cycle Alert, she realised her fears were a text-book example of how one’s perceived feeling of safety can dictate whether a non-cyclist will or will not take to the road.

“It was through working for Cycle Alert, gaining a better understanding of the dangers and going on lots of group rides that my confidence has been able to grow. I love cycling these days, and I am absolutely dedicated to making the ride safer for myself. Safer for everyone."

Adrian Robinson


Adrian has been part of the Cycle Alert team since 2013. Prior to working on Cycle Alert, Adrian worked for IBM in a number of roles including mobile communications and team leading a CICS transactional processing product team. He joined IBM after completing an MEng in Electromechanical Engineering and PhD in machine vision at the University of Southampton. Adrian project manages and directs the technical development of Cycle Alert.

He is a keen cyclists having raced in England and Europe and cycled in the opening ceremony of the the London 2012 Olympic Games. He has a personal interest in making the roads safer for cyclists as he has been badly injured on a couple of occasions by collisions with lorries and has a young family of keen cyclists. He believes Cycle Alert is essential for the already busy roads in the UK and around the world.

Nic Hagans

Finance Director

Nic has worked with Cycle Alert since it started and has worked with the Co Founders, Peter and Robert, for 8 years prior to that on a variety of projects.

Nic is a qualified chartered certified accountant (ACCA) and has managed the finances of a wide ranging portfolio of enterprises. Nic is in charge of a ten strong team of accountants, admin staff and financial advisers.

Nic has a vast range of experience across a wide spectrum of different industries, covering high level investment funding through both equity and debt, the sale of a multi-million pound company to a Plc, business restructuring as well as overseeing the day to day finance decisions of multiple trading companies.

Nic recently become a first time Mum to her son Harry, which has focused her mind more than ever on making cycling safer on our roads for everyone, especially the next generation.

"Once Harry is old enough to cycle on our roads, I want to ensure I can keep him as safe a possible. Cycle Alert will give me additional peace of mind which is priceless for any parent."