Cycle Alert offers a one-stop shop for standard, bespoke & tailored solutions incorporating tracking, telematics and integrated camera technology, enabling fleets to operate safely and more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Challenges currently faced:

                  • Incorrect allocation of blame plus conflicting reports of actual events
                  • Cash for crash incidents, premeditated and staged accidents
                  • Increasing fuel cost plus increasing insurance premiums

Forward Facing Cameras:
The IT 1000 is the most sophisticated HGV cameras solution currently available with unrivalled accuracy and technology that is sixteen times more powerful than existing solutions in the marketplace.  Our IT 1000 offering is an all-in-one solution that includes GPS tracking, a live HD video feed, 3G connectivity and an accelerometer.  Unlike other vehicle cameras that only record to an in-device SD card, the IT 1000 transmits footage of accidents and near misses via a secure 3G private network to a web-based interface with live email and SMS alerts, so a triggered event can be viewed within minutes of it occurring.

This real-time capability of IT 1000 enables operators to respond quickly to issues and report claims, while insurers receive first notification of loss to minimise any financial impact. In particular, instant intervention following a driving incident can reduce insurance claims by as much as 60 per cent, so the vehicle camera can enable vehicle operators to take control of the claims handling process to avoid spiralling costs.

Meanwhile, the camera captures GPS data at 10 times per second, compared to an industry standard of just once per second, while the internal 3-Axis G Force sensor includes auto calibration, enabling visibility of driving styles and behaviour. This ensures that GPS accuracy and G-force measurement provides highly reliable impact speeds and force to prevent any challenges to the validity of data in the event of an incident.

This next-generation IT 1000 device has been developed in partnership with leading camera specialists, thereby manufacturing vehicle cameras to possess the industry recognised ISO 9001:2008 certification, ensuring high levels of reliability and resilience.

More importantly, the camera technology is housed in a self-contained case making it tamper-proof and resistant to extreme temperatures to minimise failure rates.

In the event of an accident:

As it is hard wired to the vehicle and cannot be removed the information is always available upon ignition live. The unit transmits its speed, GPS position and shock axis sensor data frequently to a designated server. In the event of a collision the unit automatically transmits all its data for that event.  The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality and is remotely downloaded to a server where it will sit should the client request the video file following a collision.

The following video clips that are displayed are a variety of incidents and accidents that have been recorded by the IT 1000 3G vehicle camera. In the event of a high incident or accident our customers are notified via email immediately, and within minutes will be able to view an HD quality video supported by detailed telemetry data. You will notice that the camera also picks up video footage of near misses, harsh breaking and events that are caused by other drivers. Not only will the instant notification and video footage enable you to defend or deal with a claim quickly but a lot of the footage can be used as part of your driver training programs.

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