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How it works

In the UK in 2013, 258 people were killed in collisions involving HGVs, and 1,354 were seriously injured. Particularly concerning is the stark number of these KSIs (killed or seriously injured) which were made up of cyclists; HGVs make up only 5% of the traffic on UK roads nationally, and yet they are involved with 23% of cyclist deaths.  This figure is even greater in London, where between 2008 – 2013 HGVs were involved in 53% of cyclist fatalities.

So far, in 2015, that London figure has risen astronomically with HGVs being responsible for 88% of cyclist fatalities in London.

Blind spots are a particular issue with HGVs: in 2013, of the collisions in which an HGV played a contributory factor, vehicle blind spots were one of the leading attributors.

Technology can play a pivotal role in reducing blind spots and protecting vulnerable road users, which is why we have developed Cycle Alert, the first technology of its kind to be implemented onto HGVs for the sole purpose of identifying cyclists in vehicle blind spots.

Cycle Alert is a groundbreaking RFID (radio frequency identification) safety awareness system that unites road users and encourages safer travel on the roads. It comprises of three units: a sensor fitted to a bicycle, a sensor fitted to a vehicle and a dashboard receiver. The three components communicate notifying a driver when a cyclist is in close proximity.

In addition to the Cycle Alert RFID system, Cycle Alert has launched a ranged of additional driver aids and technology products from left-hand turn alarms to telematics and camera systems, to protect maximise the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Cycle Alert

Cycle Alert is a motion activated tag attached to the person, the helmet or on the cycle.  The tag sends a message to wireless sensors mounted on the Heavy Goods Vehicle which in turn relay the information to the Driver’s cab unit. This unit alerts the driver (audio and visual) to the presence of a cyclist and their position in relation to the vehicle.

Operative Alert

The Operative Alert system is an operating system borne of Cycle Alert for the purpose of identifying personnel with tags fitted to the hard-hats, lanyards or other PPE of on-site operatives, and side sensors fitted onto plant and vehicles, even those which our leased vehicles, through our wireless technology.  The parameters of ‘tag’ detection are adjustable in order to provide a safety area to suit the nature of the works undertaken, and be applied to any plant.

Cycle Alert HGV Turn Alarm

The Cycle Alert HGV Turn Alarm System works by warning other road users of your vehicle’s intention to manoeuvre left or right with an audible, “This vehicle is turning left/right” and a visual LED light display, upon switching on your vehicle’s indicator.

Cycle Alert HGV Cameras

Exclusive to Cycle Alert, the IT 1000 video telematics system is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offers full telemetry data over the mobile phone network.