The IT1000 video telematics system (ISO9001 manufacturer accredited) is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offer video footage and telemetry data over the mobile phone network. As it is hard wired to the vehicle the information is always available upon ignition live.

The unit transmits its speed, GPS position, and G-Force sensor data frequently to a designated server. In the event of a collision or a triggered event, the unit automatically transmits all its data for that event. The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality, and is remotely downloaded to the user interface within minutes, allowing our clients to download and review the video footage and telemetry data as required.

This data can then be used to its full potential in mitigating costs associated with auto fleet claims, and reducing the ever increasing risk of fraudulent claims, through First Notification of Loss (FNOL). FNOL is an accepted insurance industry standard that allows Insurers to immediately intervene in the overall claims process, thus avoiding or mitigating claims costs, which can ultimately translate into savings in auto fleet insurance premiums.
What makes our forward-facing camera stand out from the rest?  It’s the fact that it doesn’t rely on its SD card for information.  Here, we lay out what sets us apart from those other traditional SD card-reliant vehicle cameras on the market, and how we can make a huge difference to your fleet operations.

“This solution has provided wide ranging benefits to our business. By selecting a 3G vehicle camera over a SD-card device, we have gained a live view of any incidents to ensure we are operating a safe and responsible fleet, while at the same time achieving insurance and fuel savings.”

Ben Povey, Logistics Manager at Krispy Kreme UK Ltd

FeaturesSD Card CameraCycle Alert’s IT1000 3G Camera
Ability to prove an incident was fault or non fault?Yes, the footage can be used to prove whether an incident was the policy holders fault or not with the card having to be removed manually from the device and returned to a depot before being uploaded on to a PC.Yes, the footage can be used to prove
whether an incident was the policy holders
fault or not with the footagebeing available
to view from the scene immediately.
Ability to be used for near miss/harsh driving?No, nobody apart from the driver would know there had been a harsh event so this is not possible unless the driver reports himself.Yes, the harsh event footage or near miss would be available within seconds for viewing and discussion at drivers de-brief and for any driver training.
Ability to be used for instant claim intervention from the scene?No, footage would only be available after many hours (subject to vehicle being drivable) when returning to depot. By this time, it is likely that any intervention opportunity ion to third party hire and repair costs may have been lost.Yes, the footage is available within seconds in HD quality for instant claim intervention; putting you and your insurer back in control of third party hire, repair and even injury claims from the scene. Some fleets report a 30%reduction over a period.
Ability to be used for Duty of Care for lone drivers in the event of an accident?No, because there is no way of communicating with SD card stand alone devices, this is not possible.Yes, because the device is connected live to
our servers, any device that suffers a large
g-shock or event will report an incident which
is instantly viewable meaning that duty of care
is provided with the possibility of alerting the
emergency services in seconds a reality
Ability to perform a whole fleet health check?No, because there is no way of communicating with SD card stand alone devices, this is not possible. Some fleets report over 25% failure rate and only detect these when searching for essential footage.Yes, because the device is connected live to a server infrastructure, regular automated maintenance checks take place ensuring maximum up time and provide the reassurance that the critical evidence is always available.
Ability to configure device settings after deployment?No, this is not possible. The device will need returning to depot and having the settings changed at someones desk before being re-deployed.Yes, the IT1000 device is fully remotely configurable with regards to low, medium and high trigger levels as well as pre/post recording time along with more detailed configuration and maintenance settings.
Can the device act as a tracker or back-up tracking device?No, this is not possible with stand alone SD card devices.Yes, the IT1000 acts as a high frequency tracking device (up to 10x a second) and a choice of front ends are available depending on application.
Can the device detect differing severity of impacts or harsh driving events?No, with stand alone SD card devices usually there is only a choice of setting the g-trigger to low, medium or high or a number between 1-9, neither of which have any direct Gforce correlation.Yes, the device has a high speed g-sensor module (up to 2,000x a second) and can simultaneously detect 3 precise levels of impact (eg 0.45g, 0.65g and 0.9g)