HGV Safety Equipment

Cycle Alert now offers a selection of products to suit our clients’ needs, including side-guards, left-turn alarms, camera systems and of course, our own Cycle Alert.

As our equipment is all modular, any type of combination can be adopted to fulfil your compliancy needs.

Cycle Alert is available as a sole product or as part of a compliancy package, with solutions that include branded tags and additional telemetry options.

With particular reference to camera solutions, our standard DVR unit has four channels for cameras (8 channel is available upon request) which can be used in a number of ways, such 2 x side, 1 x front, 1 x internal for driver recording; or 1 x front, 1 x rear, 2 x internal to record the inside of the holding area of the vehicle.

By reviewing the length of footage you would like to retain within the DVR, we can decide on the type of DVR and size of memory required.

For more information and a tailored quote, please contact [email protected]