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Promoting Safe Cycling - Our Partners and Friends

Yellow Jersey



“While we aim our insurance at the enthusiast and racing end of the market, many of our customers are still using their bikes to commute, or came into the sport through commuting by bicycle. We have seen a real opportunity to reduce the risks to cyclists through Cycle Alert, and with our customer base of cyclists, we have the opportunity to begin distributing cycle alert tags to the people who need them, quickly and immediately.” Ryan Georgiades, Managing Director, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance

The Thompsons Group


Cycle Alert is now working with The Thompsons Group who will be offering owners of all new vehicles the option of a Cycle Alert, fitted as standard along with an option to retrofit Cycle Alert or purchase through their news ecommerce parts website.

“I am very proud to be working with The Thompsons Group. I have a huge respect for Scott and his team who share our passion for improving safety between all road users. The time is right to provide a technological solution that will go a long way towards strengthening a road culture of “Mutual Respect”, ultimately providing a foundation for driver/cyclist education.”

- Peter Le Masurier, Cycle Alert Co-founder, Cycle Alert

“With the launch of Cycle Alert, Thompsons has an excellent opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in reducing work-related road risk, and is leading the way in embracing second-generation technology in this field. We think this could be a real game changer for our industry.”

- Scott Burton, Managing Director, Thompson UK



BikeRight’s provides cycle training and safe urban driver training to all.  Their commitment to providing a range of cycling development services is highly commendable.

There are a number of ways in which BikeRight! are helping local authorities to work towards lower carbon, more active communities, forging relations with local employers to encourage workforce travel change and engaging with large employers and their workforce, helping them to make informed decisions about cycle commuting.

First York

safe cycling


“The Cycle Alert system, a standard retrofit in our “yourbus″ services, can detect and warn the driver to avoid collisions with cyclists.  By exploring this safety technology we are closing the gap to eliminate the remaining blind spots on buses and by that, avoid collisions and protect road-users.”

- Stuart Fillingham, First York




Keltbray have supported this initiative from the very beginning. Keltbray has a strong record of supporting road safety initiatives. As part of this work, Keltbray supports Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police with their Exchanging Places events, where cyclists can climb into the cab of a lorry to understand a driver’s view of the road, and potential blind spots.

This fits in perfectly with the Cycle Alert ethos of encouraging two-way understanding between cyclists and HGVs.

“Continuous innovation to improve road safety is key, and we see the Cycle Alert system trial we are now championing as an integral part of our future strategy to help ensure all road users are safe,”

explains Keltbray’s Haulage Operations Director, Adrian Scott




“We understand the importance of keeping abreast of the latest developments in blind-spot technology and see our trialling of Cycle Alert as an intrinsic part of our commitments to refining and leading the way in work related road safety improvements.”

- Declan Maguire, J Murphy

The Stobart Group


The Stobart Group are also supporters of our initiative.

Neil Marston, head of Health & Safety at Eddie Stobart said:

“Eddie Stobart is traditionally at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the training of its drivers and safety on the road. Our support of the Cycle Alert initiative will hopefully help to get more truck operators using the technology which has obvious road safety benefits.”

Cycle Law Scotland


We would like to mention Cycle Law Scotland and their passionate support for presumed liability in Scotland and the Road Share Campaign which seeks to introduce presumed liability onto Scotland’s roads and bring some legal protection to all vulnerable road users.  Find out more about presumed liability here.




Sarah-Jane Martin from Brake, the road safety charity said:

“We all use roads to get around and most of us use them in different ways: often a mix of walking, catching the bus or driving, and maybe cycling, running or skating too. Of course, however we use roads, we are all people underneath just trying to get about, but some road users are especially vulnerable and need protecting by those of us in charge of vehicles. We’re really excited to be working with Cycle Alert, asking for mutual respect among road users. We’re encouraging a cultural shift to take place among drivers, asking everyone to look out for one another, helping protect vulnerable road users. “

We are proud to be partners with Brake and hope that our partnership will help us fulfil our long-term commitment to road safety.  We encourage you to take the GO20 pledge, which you can find here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/9691-go-20/

University of York



“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Transdev Unibus and City of York Council to be the first UK city to pioneer the use of Cycle Alert on our University bus fleet. The University is committed to promoting sustainable modes of travel and Cycle Alert will be a huge benefit to our cyclists and city wide”

- Fiona Macey, Travel Plan Co-Ordinator, University of York




We are great fans of Crossrail’s high safety standards across the project’s supply chains, particularly when it comes to road safety, including cycle safety. Their initiatives to date include training over 5300 lorry drivers in cycle awareness and making additional safety equipment mandatory on all lorries and vans working on Crossrail.

West Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership



“The West Yorkshire Safer Roads group is delighted to be working in partnership with Cycle Alert. We both share an inherent interest in the promotion of cycle safety and raising awareness of the issues cyclists face on our roads. With the Tour de France Grand Depart fast approaching this partnership will allow us to keep to our legacy commitments of improving cycle safety and encouraging shared responsibility on Yorkshire’s roads.”

- Ewhen Chymera, West Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.”




At the heart of Cycle Alert are the innovators who inspire us. Those who have been affected by cycle road collisions – on both sides of the track – and use their experiences as a powerful force for lobbying, for campaigning, for innovating, for the protection of road users across the UK and in memory of those whose lives have been lost to road collisions. To this end, Roadpeace and in particular the See Me Save Me campaign that Roadpeace coordinate, remain a constant source of motivation for us all.

Met Police



We are honored to accompany the Met Police at raising awareness on safe cycling by way of their Exchanging Places programs. Sergeant Simon Castle from the Cycle Task Force, said: “Exchanging Places aims to give cyclists the skills and confidence to avoid conflict around large vehicles. These events are very popular and effective and our feedback shows that 97% of cyclists learn from the experience and 98% would recommend it to a friend.




iCity is a European funded programme to build an open data and open infrastructure urban platform that will deliver data and enable remote control to citizens in European cities of London, Barcelona, Genoa and Bologna.




A warm mention to Sustrans whose work in developing and delivering practical, cost-effective initiatives to enable more people to travel by bike is truly brilliant. We were very proud to have Sustrans on board our panel discussion last year, as we took to the table to discuss the future of cycling safety. You can check out the videos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSZU7GX2qlA

Tour de France’s Le Grand Départ



We are proud to be supporting the Tour de France’s Le Grand Départ this year by putting on a weekend of safe cycling workshops and Exchanging Places at the beautiful grounds of Harewood House as it hosts the Dare2B Festival of Cycling.




Transdev is one of the largest public transport operators in Europe with a reputation for delivering high quality local public transport. Transdev is active in all aspects of public transport provision from the organisation and management of major projects to the development of passenger services and the operation of networks.  Transdev has shown its dedication to pioneering cycle safety by trialling Cycle Alert on all of its York Unibuses.  





“The Cycle Alert system is an excellent addition to cyclist safety and a perfect fit with Lumicycle’s aim of making cycling safer for all road users, and we are very excited to be working together to integrate Cycle Alert into our new products.

Lumicycle has always manufactured innovative, high quality cycle lighting solutions, lighting the way ‘for the long ride home’ as well as ensuring maximum visibility to other users. With the inclusion of the Cycle Alert system into our lights we can now offer indirect visibility to HGV and commercial vehicle drivers as part of the overall system, further enhancing reach and safety.”

- Martin Montague, Lumicycle

Bike Register



Bike Register is the preferred cycle registration and bike marking product for London by the Met Police.  Operated by Selectamark, BikeRegister’s online registration initiative aims to reduce bike theft and assist in owner recovery.  It’s vital that we all stand up to bike theft and BikeRegister is providing us with the tools in which to do so.

In the past year alone, the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force have marked over 12,0000 bikes in London using BikeRegister.  There has already been a 5% reduction in cycle theft to April 2011, compared to the previous 12 months.  You can purchase your registration kit here; alternatively you can visit your MPS on their bike marking days (to be found here).

Be HGV Aware


Be HGV Aware

Be HGV Aware is a not for profit, Community Interest Company that believes every road user should feel safe to use the road. The more knowledge a road user has, the better that person is equipped to handle the differing variables that may affect them. Our HGV awareness presentation broadens road user’s knowledge to stay safe, and injury free. Using slide, video and audience exercises Be HGV Aware provides corporate and tailor-made safety presentations addressing the HGV driver’s visual limitations and the variables that affect HGV operations.

For more information click here.




We are delighted to be involved in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.  One of the cornerstones of FORS is to promote cycle safety and promote ways and means to reduce work related road risk.  Did you know that 56% of cyclist fatalities in London in 2011 involved HGVs, an alarming figure which has propelled the research and design of Cycle Alert’s system.  FORS accredited companies benefit from a safety DVD, technological options like Cycle Alert and web-based tools designed to help you operate safely around road users.  Membership is open to all fleet operators and we highly recommend that you get involved in this fantastic scheme.

For more information click here.

York Rouleurs


York Rouleurs are so proud to be working with Cycle Alert to make cycling safer. Since our formation we have seen our numbers grow rapidly, drawing our attention to the vulnerability of cyclists out on the roads and an awareness of how popular the pastime is becoming again. Cycle Alert provides us with added confidence when out riding, and using our tags has become as routine as putting on our helmets. We look forward to continuing our ‘journey’ with Cycle Alert.

- Ollie Butterwick, Founder & Chairman - York Rouleurs

For more information click here.