Not only can video footage provide evidence in the case of insurance claims etc, video can play an integral part of your fleet safety training program.  Using video footage is an effective way to stimulate debate as part of your program, to disseminate how these types of accidents and near-misses can be avoided in the first place.

The safety effectiveness of tech solutions like Cycle Alert, Operative Alert, turn alarms and forward-facing cameras etc in reducing road accidents goes beyond the product or technology itself and has to include the human factor for the road user, as road evidence suggests that in many cases, road risk could be reduced by a change in road user behaviours.

Industry Scenario.  In this scene, a note must be delivered by a member of personnel to a driver actively working in the yard.

Operative Alert Industry Scenario.  In this scene, an operative working on-site has to manoeuvre round a moving vehicle in the yard.

Forward-facing camera: Reckless driving.  In this scene camera footage shows a car that was just seconds from disaster when it dangerously cut in front of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV).  The forward-facing camera captured the exact moment when the driver of the Ford Focus recklessly attempts to make an illegal left turn from the outside lane of the road down the wrong way of a slip lane, missing the HGV by a matter of centimetres.

Reckless driving. Reckless and dangerous overtaking, the vehicle with the forward-facing camera installed has to brake suddenly in order to avoid crashing into the BMW.

Car cutting in front of lorry.  Vehicles with an impatient driver at the wheel often make irrational and dangerous manoeuvres as this video footage clearly demonstrates.

Collision in rain. Inclement weather can often cause problems for drivers. In this video, heavy rain has created a lot of surplus water and has caused the vehicle to aquaplane on the motorway.

Harsh braking at junction.  Not paying attention at junctions or roundabouts is a common cause of accidents or incidents. Whilst the driver avoided a collision, harsh braking such as this causes wear and tear and can often spoil the load.

Lorry hits stalled driver at the lights.  In this scene, if the HGV did not have a forward-facing camera installed there is a high possibility that the driver would have been accused of causing this accident.