Our Cycle Alert left turn alarm is the new addition to the Cycle Alert range of products. Designed with HGVs in mind, this fantastic kit provides an audible “Warning, this vehicle is turning left”, upon using your vehicle’s indicators.   It can also be programmed to give a right turn alarm, as it is a well known fact that accidents are not exclusive to the left hand side, though the majority of collisions (75%) happen in this area.

Used in tandem with your Cycle Alert RFID vehicle kit, the Cycle Alert left turn alarm facilitates a warning to vulnerable road users about your intended direction, in order that they might position themselves safely.

What’s more, our Left Turn Alarm is complete with a set of LED lights on the unit providing both a visible and audible warning that a left turn manoeuvre is about to commence by the lorry.

What’s more the left turn alarm has sound options too, allowing the driver to adjust the volume according to his environment.

When the alarm is activated the lights come on continuously with the sound, and when mute or half volume are selected, the lights are brighter to highlight the danger.

This innovative yet simple device helps to create a heightened protective environment for vulnerable road users and together with Cycle Alert, contributes towards even greater 2-way conversation between both sets of road users.

Benefits of a Cycle Left Turn Alarm

      • Simplicity - The alarm is triggered by the left hand turn signal (or right-hand)
      • Communicates with VRUs - Once the driver has indicated left, the system becomes live and emits an audible alert. This message will be repeated until the turn is complete and the indicator is switched off
      • Visible – the unique LED display on our left turn alarms off a visible warning to the VRU, as well as an audible alert, which gives maximum advanced warning of the vehicle’s manoeuvre intentions.
      • Positively affects WRRR – Helps prevent injury to operatives and vulnerable road users
      • Insurance – Reduces the risk of damage to yours/other vehicle(s)
      • Litigation – Reduces the risk of potential legal claims
      • Cost – Economical apparatus with minimal fitting time
      • Suitable for all fleet sizes – Units can be bought as a stand-alone or as part of a package, with no minimum order required.
      • Approved – CE marked and fully compliant with FORS, CLOCS, CROSSRAIL, MPA and others

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Key Features of the Cycle Alert Left Turn Alarm

The lights flash brighter when 1/2 volume is selected

Automatically mutes when hazard lights are in use

1/2 volume mode for night time operation, ergo reducing noise pollution.

LED technology fully encapsulated

CE and EMC marked

Epoxy sealed for greater durability against water and vibration

MIRA tested for all on and off-road Highway Applications

Pressure Washable IP67