What is Cycle Alert?

In the UK in 2013, 258 people were killed on collisions involving HGVs, and 1,354 were seriously injured.  Particularly concerning is the stark number of these KSIs (killed or seriously injured) which were made up of cyclists; HGVs make up only 5% of the traffic on UK roads nationally, and yet they are involved with 23% of cyclist deaths.  This figure is even greater in London, where between 2008 – 2013 HGVs were involved in 53% of cyclist fatalities.

So far, in 2015, that London figure has risen astronomically with HGVs being responsible for 88% of cyclist fatalities in London.

Blind spots are a particular issue with HGVs: in 2013, of the collisions in which an HGV played a contributory factor, vehicle blind spots were one of the leading attributors.

Technology can play a pivotal role in reducing blind spots and protecting vulnerable road users, which is why we have developed Cycle Alert, the first technology of its kind to be implemented onto HGVs for the sole purpose of identifying cyclists in vehicle blind spots.

Cycle Alert is a groundbreaking RFID (radio frequency identification) safety awareness system that unites road users and encourages safer travel on the roads. It comprises of three units: a sensor fitted to a bicycle, a sensor fitted to a vehicle and a dashboard receiver. The three components communicate notifying a driver when a cyclist is in close proximity.

Check out our feature on BBC’s Look North, featuring Cycle Alert in Partnership with University of York and Transdev.

Cycle Alert unites HGVs and Cyclists on our Roads

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A Safety Awareness System that unites Road Users and encourages Safer Travel on the roads.

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What Others are Saying

Cycle Alert is designed to save cyclists lives. It is a new cycle specific sensory system designed to alert drivers to the presence of a cyclist when close to their vehicle. It encourages both HGV drivers and cyclists to work together to take responsibility for making the road a safer place.

Peter Le Masurier
Peter Le MasurierCycle Alert, Co-Founder
Adrian Scott

By fitting Cycle Alert we are achieving a very high standard of health and safety on public highways both for Keltbray and other road users.

Adrian ScottHaulage Operations Director, Keltbray
Jake Larsson

I truly believe in Cycle Alert and feel exposed and vulnerable without it. From my experience with car companies, I believe adoption of Cycle Alert is the natural direction large vehicles in particular, will take.

Jake LarssonWinner of the 2013 Autocar - Courland Next Generation Award
Sarah-Jane Martin

We’re really excited to be working with Cycle Alert, asking for mutual respect among road users. We’re encouraging a cultural shift to take place among drivers, asking everyone to look out for one another, helping protect vulnerable road users.

Sarah-Jane MartinBrake
Scott Burton

With the launch of Cycle Alert, Thompsons has an excellent opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in reducing work-related road risk, and is leading the way in embracing second-generation technology in this field. We think this could be a real game changer for our industry

Scott BurtonManaging Director, Thompson UK
Erik Jonnaert

Safety technologies that prevent accidents happening in the first place are the way forward

Erik JonnaertSecretary General, European Vehicle Manufacturers Association ACEA
Ollie Butterwick

York Rouleurs are so proud to be working with Cycle Alert to make cycling safer. Since our formation we have seen our numbers grow rapidly, drawing our attention to the vulnerability of cyclists out on the roads and an awareness of how popular the pastime is becoming again. Cycle Alert provides us with added confidence when out riding, and using our tags has become as routine as putting on our helmets. We look forward to continuing our ‘journey’ with Cycle Alert.

Ollie ButterwickFounder & ChairmanYork Rouleurs

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