Isotoma is Tagging its Staff – to Help Keep Safe on City’s Roads

As part of the Road Safety Week, ‘Drive Less, Live More’ campaign from the road safety charity Brake, employees at software specialists Isotoma are being encouraged to fit the Cycle Alert tags to their bikes as part of our scheme.  Founded in 2004, Isotoma delivers high-end bespoke software and product design for a range of businesses and has offices in York, Manchester and London.

Company Founder of Isotoma, Andy Theyers said the transition from car to cycle by staff has been very successful. “We are supporting the Cycle Alert system and Road Safety Week because safety is such an important issue for cyclists,” said Mr Theyers.

“It can be pretty hairy riding a bike through a city and the Cycle Alert units have been really popular at Isotoma,” he said.

Mr Theyers has been cycling into work since the Love To Ride York event and the 20-day National Cycling Challenge.

drive less, live more

(From left) Doug Winter, Andy Theyers, Stephen Gilroy, Stephen Rice, Martin Swarbrick.

“It just carried on from there and for me, and with the hassle and the cost of parking in the city, cycling in to the office is a no brainer,” he added.

The tags, which have been produced by Cycle Alert, can be mounted onto a bicycle or helmet and ‘talk’ to busses and HGVs nearby, making it easy to be spotted.

Isotoma’s Founder and Director Doug Winter has also joined the scheme after finding problems with parking.

“Isotoma, previously located in Fishergate, moved to Swinegate in the city centre earlier this year, which has no parking available, but does boast an extensive bike shed,” he said.

“The bike shed was purpose built for staff as there is an issue with finding parking in the city, and cycling also keeps you fit and is free.”

“Following Road Safety Week  and the Drive Less, Live More campaign I hope staff that have been trying out the technology will continue to do so,” he added.

We at Cycle Alert are the first tech company in the world to innovate, design and deliver a cyclist-specific safety system, designed to prevent collisions between cyclists and large vehicles, and increase driver awareness by making cyclists visible in vehicle blind spots and we’re delighted by Isotoma’s adoption of Cycle Alert and its dedication to improving the health and safety of its workforce.  It’s great to see businesses galvanising their efforts to support the uptake of cycling among colleagues and think about cyclist safety.